In Progress

Size - 10,100 sqft

The Winnipeg River Heritage Museum sits on the edge of the Winnipeg River in the heart of the St. Georges community, 120km north of Winnipeg. The museum has been a staple in the rural community for generations and is the repository of family memories and community stories.

The building’s form, with its long curving north wall, is reminiscent of the meandering line of the Winnipeg River.  It introduces the visitor to its theme and, with the exterior exhibits, sets a stage for what the visitor is about to experience.

The museum is expressed materially with the ship building technology in mind. The street side façade is reminiscent of the older construction practice of large curved wood planking, while the river side showcases modern ship fabrication with large steel paneling.

With its mission being, “we are the people of the river”, the museum serves to provide access to the rich history of the Winnipeg River Corridor. Among many artifacts, the new museum will feature the ferry boat that once carried horse, carriage, and vehicle from one bank to the other.

Aerial photos courtesy of AMC Foam Technologies.

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