Size - 13,500 sqft

The new Transcona Library is designed as a centrally located hub for the community of Transcona, in the City of Winnipeg. It will be a one-storey, fully accessible space, with an outdoor reading garden, a multi-purpose programming room, tutorial rooms, and space for a collection of approximately 40,000 items. The library is largely an open floor plan, offering flexible study and leisure areas and an indoor family literacy playground; all created to support a dynamic neighborhood with diverse library programming and modern technological requirements.

The design intent was to create a highly transparent building where the activity within the library is prominently on display. The north and south façades of the building therefore, provide a clear view into the main library area and create transparency completely through the building. Windows on the east and west façades bring light into the library services workroom and multipurpose programming area. The main library area is visually connected to exterior views of the prairie grass landscape that surrounds the building, seamlessly integrating the interior space with the exterior reading garden and beyond.

Sustainable initiatives include energy efficient mechanical systems and LED lighting, planting of domestic vegetation, the use of low volatile organic compound materials and energy efficient glazing for an abundance of natural light throughout the building. The project is targeting Green Globes Certification and the Manitoba Hydro Power Smart designation.

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