Completed - 2018

Size - 68,000 sqft


2020 ECC Architectural Design Awards Program Finalist
ECC EIFS Design Awards Program 2019-20 Press Release

Southeast Collegiate (SEC) is a private high school whose mission is to provide sound academic standards and other educational opportunities for Aboriginal high school students. The students who are accepted to Southeast Collegiate move to Winnipeg from their home communities to live in a lodge building on the school campus.

Southeast Collegiate is responsible for minors, and as a result, there is a rigorous focus on student safety. The staff at the school must be able to control security in the building efficiently and effectively while maintaining a warm and welcoming environment. 

Students, staff and visitors are welcomed to the building through an entry plaza incorporating trees and seat walls. The rear courtyard  includes a ceremonial fire pit as well as a bonfire area with a variety of seating options for students to gather together. A circular seating area with radiating bands oriented toward the cardinal directions provide an opportunity to incorporate interpretive elements such as text or illustrations. 

The building is designed to exceed the Manitoba Energy Code for Buildings by taking a no-nonsense approach to selecting efficient features. The building systems are based on fast-payback and long-term operating costs so that SEC realizes energy savings while moving into a new facility with higher indoor air quality and occupant comfort.

More information can be found at: – Southeast Collegiate Celebrates grand opening of $24M campus

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