Completed: 2012
Size: 3,200 ft² / 297 m²

The Carpathia Credit Union (CCU) branch at the corner of Waverley Street and Grant Avenue consists of a new 3,200 square-foot building with a drive through ATM and the redevelopment of a site formerly occupied by a gas station / convenience store.

Located within a residential area and at a significant commercial crossroad, CCU wanted a building design that was attractive and respectful to the neighborhood, and would serve as a tribute to their heritage and financial success while contributing to the new community of which they would be a part. 

The building is more pavilion than traditional bank, expressing openness and visual connection to the community. The environment is bright and the connection between the interior and exterior is made through the large expanse of glass. The building alignment itself complements the residential character, with a front yard and landscaping similar to that of the street, and parking is adjacent to the building rather than in front. This approach addresses the public realm of the street and places the building on a prominent corner, showcasing the building.

CCU wanted to give the community art and design; so, they engaged world-renowned local glass sculptor, Warren Carther, to create unique stacked glass walls etched with the CCU logo. The logo is also featured at the main entrance as a stainless-steel inlay in the façade and in a freestanding solid steel sculpture at the drive-through ATM. With these distinctive features carried, the building becomes a form of public art while carving out a unique identity for CCU in its neighbourhood. 

2014 Commerce Design Winnipeg, People’s Choice Award
2014 Commerce Design Winnipeg, Grand Jury Prize Award
2014 Manitoba Masonry Design Award, Small Commercial

Life After Corner Gas: The Challenges of Developing Old Service Stations, Globe and Mail

This project was undertaken by Cibinel Architects Ltd.

Photographs by Mike Karakas