Completed: 2023
Size: 2,575 sqft (north walkway) and 1,490 sqft (south walkway)

Cibinel Architecture Ltd was engaged by the City of Winnipeg to upgrade two existing elevated skywalks in downtown Winnipeg. These skywalks, originally constructed in 1974, link the RBC Convention Centre Winnipeg with both the 19-storey Delta Hotel (155 Carlton Street) and a six-storey office / commercial building (185 Carlton Street). These skywalks are a part of an integral system of enclosed pedestrian walkways utilized by thousands of people daily. The skywalks provide important climate-controlled access to over 42 acres of downtown real estate as people live, work, are entertained, and do business in a city that is among the coldest in the world.

After decades of high-traffic and continual use, deterioration of the existing precast cladding panels created safety concerns for pedestrians and the vehicles below necessitating the project upgrade. A complete retrofit was undertaken that included replacing the existing cladding with curtain wall, new roofing and soffits, improving interior finishes, and upgrading lighting and accessibility. The solution used for both walkways focused on a low maintenance and economical approach, achieved by replacing the cladding with curtain wall, allowing for transparency and natural light into the space while increasing public safety.

This project was undertaken by Cibinel Architecture Ltd with Crosier Kilgour & Partners (structural engineering / building envelope) and Epp Siepman Engineering (mechanical and electrical engineering).

Photographs by Lindsay Reid