Completed: 2007
Size: 28,000 ft² / 2,601 m²

The Manitoba Institute of Culinary Arts (MICA) building is the first step of a multi-phase project to relocate the entire Assiniboine Community College Brandon Campus to the historic Brandon Mental Health Centre. This first phase rehabilitated a heritage designated, neo-Georgian building to house classrooms and offices. Given that the building was originally designed as a nurses’ residence, this new program was an ideal fit and minimally invasive to the heritage nature of the building. In order to house the new state-of-the-art teaching kitchen and 40-seat theatre, a new addition was added to the north of the existing building.

The new addition, made of glass and steel, lightly touches the existing building with two links – maintaining the mass of the existing heritage building. The stainless steel and glass finishes celebrate the function of the new addition as the transparency and reflectivity of surfaces animates the program’s activities. The resulting courtyard and its glazing makes the facility a light-filled space that encourages a social learning environment.

Corbett Cibinel Architects would return (under the new moniker, Cibinel Architects Ltd) to Assiniboine Community College a couple of years later with the Len Evans Centre for Trades and Technology project.

Assiniboine College Serves Up New Culinary School, CBC News
Culinary Arts, Assiniboine Community College

This project was undertaken by Corbett Cibinel Architects.