Completed: 2017

330 St. Mary Avenue is a 12-storey office building, located on the exterior perimeter of the Sports, Hospitality and Entertainment District (SHED) in downtown Winnipeg. Cibinel Architecture Ltd. was engaged to work on a multidisciplinary team to design and execute the remediation of the building’s curtain wall system.

The original building façade was a highly reflective glazing system. The design intent for the curtain wall remediation thus focused on adding transparency to the building, augmenting the experience at street level, and providing modern updates to the materials and details.

The existing fully captured curtain wall system was replaced with a four-sided SSG system for the main floor, and a two-sided SSG system for the remainder of the building. The mirrored glass on the first two floors on the north, west and south faces of the building was replaced with transparent glass to create a connection with the street level, enhancing the interaction between the public and office environments. The remaining façade was replaced with a reflective low-e glass that emulates the original reflective coating of the building while at the same time offering a greater transparency to the interior.

Photographs by Jerry Grajewski