U of M Active Living Centre.

Completed 2015.

The Active Living Centre strives to communicate and expose the University community and the greater Winnipeg community to the benefits of active living with an emphasis on physical, mental and social well-being. The main architectural goals of the facility are to contrast the existing Frank Kennedy Recreation Centre by creating a building that is extroverted, communicative, and engages the community and users at a pedestrian as well as vehicular scale. The new Active Living Centre seeks to maintain existing flows, contribute to the inter-connectivity of the campus network, and become a conduit that increases the general public’s exposure to the idea of active living. As a result of its prominent location on the campus this facility has become an important icon for the campus through which thousands of staff, students, and public will first engage the University of Manitoba campus.


2017 CISC Steel Design Award, Recreational Facility
2016 NIRSA Outstanding Sports Facility Award    [LINK]
2016 Build Magazine, Best Institutional Architecture Project
2016 Acquisition International Magazine, Most Outstanding Architecture Project

This project was undertaken by Cibinel Architects Ltd. in collaboration with Batteriid Architects, Iceland.

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