2011, unbuilt

Designed in collaboration with Batteriid Architects of Iceland.

The proposed development was submitted to the City of Winnipeg in response to their Request for Proposals for a mixed-use development for the area. After this submission was made, the City chose not to proceed with a mixed-use development.

Envisioned as a vital and enlivened development, this Polo Park Stadium Site Redevelopment Plan promotes active mobility and pedestrian connectivity through a rich mix of programs; benefiting from the diversity that layered communities provide. This proposal establishes a mixed-use development with shops, restaurants, salons, offices, a hotel, and waterpark / wellness center combined with the density of 650 new residences. A new approach to urban planning is showcased, linking existing green corridors within an integrated linear parkway network. The residential area sits on an elevated green platform of plazas and walkways while parking would be located below. The human-scale and context-sensitive design is organized on a streetscape that becomes more than just the road and sidewalks; building faces frame streets and plazas, while the movement of people and vehicles define the parameters of the development as a district.

Project was undertaken by Cibinel Architects Ltd.

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