Completed - 2010

Size - 56,000 sqft

The design was a challenging conversion of a dark warehouse into a flexible open office, filled with natural light, surrounded by trees, greenery and excellent outdoor amenity space. The National Leasing Group was looking for an Architect to think ‘outside the box’ and organize their new head office in a non traditional way.

National Leasing Group has a commitment to environmental stewardship and directed our firm to design the building with the same specifications that would be used in a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) project. Controllability of personal space, access to natural light, and environmentally sensitive products were factors in the design.

National Leasing Group’s exceptional art collection combined with the openness of the space and the enormous amount of glazing, creates the sensation that one is working in an art gallery rather than an office in an industrial park. The building is approximately 56,000 sq ft with 16′ high ceilings and an exposed steel structure.

This project was undertaken by Cibinel Architects Ltd.

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