G House.

Completed 2012. Size - 3,000 sq. ft.


2015 Prairie Wood Design Award
2014 Manitoba Masonry Design Award, Residential Single Unit

G House is located in Crescentwood, a 1920 – 1940 suburban residential area near the vibrant Corydon Village in Winnipeg. The house was conceived as suburban oasis, accommodating a private lifestyle, while facilitating entertainment and social gatherings. The residence reverses traditional concepts of house and yard within a typical single-family detached suburban neighborhood by placing the house at the edge of the site, rather than central, and framing the remainder of the site with an eight-foot high Tyndall Stone wall to create a courtyard. The courtyard is the central focus; a sun lit extension of the home’s living space that is developed as hard surface and lush vegetation.

Detailing of the house is in a minimalist modern style, reflecting the designer’s concern for the effective use of materials, and the exploration of current technological advancements. The house expresses current industrialization through the exposure of raw industrial components such as hollowcore concrete, steel columns and beams, glue laminated wood and various fasteners. Local wood and Tyndall Stone finishing materials were specifically chosen as a strategy to fit this stylistically modern and minimalist structure amongst older homes that had been designed in traditional architectural styles utilizing similar materials.

This project was undertaken by Cibinel Architects Ltd.

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